The New Mexicans
A pictorial history of the Komadina family in New Mexico

Grand Dad: Florian 
Croatian miner with 
his young family in 
Dawson, New Mexico
1926 Grand Ma, Julia, a miner’s widow, raises her 
children after a mine accident took Florian at age 32 


Mom and Dad’s 
(Marge and Tony)
engagement picture 
from the Albuquerque
I was born and lived 
 in downtown 
Albuquerque until
1949, when we moved 
to Girard N. E., by UNM 
Every Saturday morning
we would head for the
Highland Theater for 
kids shows, with action 
Westerns and serials
I graduated from
Highland High and 
entered UNM
The summer 
found me entering
the third class at 
the new UNM
School of Medicine


Penny and I 
married and 
she worked to 
help me finish
Our first child, Jenny, was born in 1969.  That same year the Navy sent me to Nepal via Viet Nam.
As a commander in the US Navy, I made the hard decision to resign my commission and return to New Mexico, to serve the people I had grown up with.
Our family grew to six wonderful kids over ten years, and they began public schools just like Penny and me

Ballooning, Scouting, School Committees, soccer all seemed to fill every second of free time, but we loved serving as a family, and
cherish the memories of those years.  I served 6 terms as president of parent-teacher organizations.
Just one of thousands of 
“New” New Mexicans I 
have been privileged to help 
get into the world.  I have 
the best job! 
I will never forget the night 14 of 
my scouts received their Eagle Scout
awards and I was awarded
National Outstanding Scoutmaster.
As President of the Albuquerque
International Balloon Fiesta, after 
16 years serving on it’s board,
I gained experience working
with State and city government, 
and worked with thousands of volunteers 
in putting on the most photographed event
in the world.
As a couple for 34 years, we’ve grown grey, and wrinkled, but still love each other. We  count our blessings that all of our children live here in New Mexico. We get to spoil our 5 grand children every day! 

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