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Dedicated civic leader, Steve Komadina, a lifelong resident of New Mexico, was elected to the New Mexico State Senate November 7, 2000 and served until December 31, 2008.  He ran for office because he believed in the American Dream.  Steve is a third generation New Mexican, whose grandfather fled Yugoslavia to mine coal in Northern New Mexico.  He believes, just like is grandfather and father, that anything is possible in New Mexico.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy and a scout leader for over 40 years, Steve is a devoted husband and loving father of six children.  He has practiced as a Medical Doctor since 1970.  All six of his grown children and fifteen grandchildren live in New Mexico.  He is a proven leader, having served as President of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and as a leader in numerous civic, medical, church and community organizations.  He was recognized his first session of the Senate as a “Rising Star” and “up and coming leader” among legislators by the Albuquerque Journal.

In 2008 the American Legislative Exchange Council (the largest national organization of state legislators) selected Steve nationally as State Legislator of the year.

Steve has been recognized repeatedly for his hard work and dedication to his neighbors and in 1999 he was selected by his fellow physicians to receive the Wyeth-Ayerst Award for outstanding community service by a doctor in the State of New Mexico.  He has been selected by the Albuquerque Tribune as the “Rising Star” in health and was selected a National Outstanding Scoutmaster.  He was elected Vice-President, President Elect and President of the New Mexico Medical Society over the years 2000-2003.

He and his wife and best friend, Penny, graduated from New Mexico public schools, as have their six children.  Their fifteen grandchildren are the fourth generation of Komadinas in our New Mexico schools.

As a small businessman, he understands the challenges of private business and has to  meet a  payroll for employees every two weeks, even while serving in the Senate.  He and his wife have hosted thousands of school children each year on educational field trips to their farm in north Corrales, and frequent community activities are also held at their home.

As our State Senator, Steve Komadina has fought and voted  for lower taxes, so we can keep our hard earned money to finance our dreams.

He voted to improve our public education, and improve the salaries, professionalism, and continued development of our teachers.   He fought for the water rights of the rural New Mexicans, and has become a spokesman for the farmers and ranchers against the actions of the Federal Government.

He has become a recognized expert on healthcare issues in the State, and frequently is called upon for his opinion on bills that will affect the patient, doctor, nursing, hospital and insurance activities in the State.

He has supported the creation of jobs in the private sector, and wants every New Mexican and their children to find a good paying job.  It’s not right that our families are scattered out of State in order to find a job that will pay a living wage.

The citizens of New Mexico still know just as much about what they want as law as our politicians.   Steve has tried to bring their voices back into the Legislative process.  He is pledged to insuring that government preserves our personal freedoms while allowing us to pursue our dreams.  He believes government must be on our side and not on our backs. Government needs to give us a hand up, not a hand out.

Steve Komadina has truly been a dedicated public servant, and he welcomes opportunities anytime to continue to serve his fellow New Mexicans. He is available for speaking engagements for any civic, private sector or educational groups.

If you have a question or would like to help Steve in his quest for a better New Mexico, you can contact him by calling (505) 328-4696 or e-mail him.

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